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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Welcome to ANWR Photography

Dedicated to the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge  

In a remote corner of Northeast Alaska, accessible only by bush plane, lies
a 20 million acre environmental treasure and one of the largest tracts of
pristine wilderness on Earth - the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  This
wilderness jewel remains under threat by the corporate/political big oil
interests poised greedily to explore and drill for oil in the northernmost
part of the Refuge near the Beaufort Sea.

Home to grizzlies, wolves, fox, muskox and polar bear, ANWR is also the destination for millions of
migratory waterfowl. Precisely where drilling operations would occur is
also the calving grounds of the nearly 170,000 strong Porcupine Caribou
Herd, an important food source for grizzlies and wolves. Indigenous peoples
of Alaska and the Canadian Yukon have been dependent upon the caribou for
sustenance for centuries. Impact upon the herd from oil exploration could
prove disastrous.

The pro-oil machine has launched a campaign of misdirection and mistruths
about ANWR, depicting it as a miserable, hostile and barren wasteland, a
place no one would ever want to visit. It is, in fact, one of the most
beautiful and breathtaking places on Earth. The Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge needs as many voices as possible to speak out for its protection. It
is my hope that my photography will be such a voice. 

Meet Eli Rush

Eli Rush with large format camera


Since 1981 I have made over a dozen wilderness expeditions, in the Far North of the Canadian Yukon, the Bolivian Amazon and the last one into the remote Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

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